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Costume done....
Dragon Con here I come. I am finally done with this:

So yeah sorry about the big flash but one can only do so much with a cell phone and a self timer. Courtney sewed the jacket, I did the leather work and another guy built my helmet but I think it came together nicely just in time :)

On another note many of you know that Nathan and I have been working out lately and I must say I think he has been doing steroids because hes come along pretty quickly these past 2 weeks

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I hate you so much. :-)


(love the costume!)

the costume is awesome...the picture is even better.


Do you need some viscera to go with that suit?

That might get stinky and offend people after several hours in this weather.

That costume kick some serious ass!!!!! I wish we could be there to see it in person. :(

oh dont worry...I fully plan on wearing it to some sort of function where it would work...I did spend way too much time and money on this thing to wear it once a year!

I can imagine!! It looks great and well worth the money you spent. Hopefully I'll see you in it one of these days!

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