Life is short and hard like a bodybuilding elf.

So save the planet and kill yourself

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The rickety sound of the muffler occasionally slapping the asphalt is a calming noise telling me that I am still alive. My girl asleep beside me in the passengers seat. Im still not sure of how she can sleep in the blazing sun while curled up in the splitting leather seat. I suppose that it is better than the crying and the random moments of eerie silence. Im still not sure what has happened to what we used to call home only just 3 years ago. I wonder what happened to everyone else that used to be around.

As my eyes slowly start to loose sight of the horizon I know that it is almost that time again. I need to pull over and find a place to sleep for the night. Off in the distance I can see the city lights. Its an ominous feeling to see that the once great cities are still burning in ruins. I pull the car over to a nearby gas luck...its empty as always. While inside I find some canned meat and some bottles of what I assume used to be water. Its been so long since we have actually had a meal other than scraps we venture across on the sides of the road. Tonight will be different though...tonight we have a feast to be proud of.

I put the canned meat slices on the cylinder heads of the engine while it is still hot from the days drive. The smell of the searing meat awaken my girl.

"Is it night already?" she asks while stretching out and yawning.
"Yes" I say in an uneasy voice
"Have you seen any of them on the way here?" Im sure that she is speaking of the other survivors...well if you want to call them that...they are still least they appear to be.
"No, not today but I think that they are still in that city." I point over the horizon to what is now an orange flickering light off in the distance.
As we eat our meal of blackened spam I can't help but notice it tastes different.
"Great just fucking great" I mumble in dismay
"What is it?" she asks
"We are burning oil again in the car." The last time this happened they almost got us. "I'll fix it in the morning."
"Do we have time? Is it bad?"
"No I think it should be fine. I dont think that they can smell it from this far away."
As the night goes on I hold her close. I dont hold her close for her protection, I hold her close because I am afraid. I cant let her see that side of me. Im supposed to be the one who knows what is going on.


"Get Up!" I yell as I reach for my Mossberg.
"Its one of them isnt it?"
"Shhh...dont say anything I whisper" I hold the butt of the shot gun firmly against my chest as I try to peak around the corner. Glowing yellow eyes stare right into me. Im noticed but this isnt right. As the figure comes closer to me I take a tighter grip onto the gun. I can see the raised hairs on the back of this creature yet still cannot make it out. Its right up on me before I realize...
"Its a dog." I say in a sigh of relief
"Is it hurt?"
"No, but I think that its hungry. It must have smelled the food we had."
"Here" she says handing a pot of water to the now tail wagging dog "I bet your thirsty."

That night we made a new friend and cheated death again as it seems. The agonizing screams of those other survivors seem ti be getting louder. I hope that it is only my imagination and that they arent getting closer.

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interesting read. Did you write this? Is there more?

Why spank you very much!

Yep, I wrote it. Courtney went shopping so I worked out, made sushi and thought up a story. Well, I could always get bored and make more to the story.

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