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Roommate Needed
We still need one roommate here at the new house. Im finally done with most of the things that needed to be done to the house. So far it is Kortny and I along with a guy named Armon. Armon is really cool and is pretty quite.
You will have an ethernet jack hooked up in your room with cable. Its the back bedroom of the house. There is parking in the back along with street parking. We are by the new edgewood shoping center right outside of Little 5 Points. You can walk to the train station. Brand new kitchen appliances. Qiuet nieghborhood.

Its $450 a month and then utilities would be split 4 ways (water, electric, gas(only the heater), cable tv and modem). Rent is due by the 1st friday of every month and utilities are due the 3rd friday of every month.

We also have a tool shed and a giant attic for storage.


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