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Why did I come back?
Well we just got back from our "vacation". In the past week I have put 2,000 miles on my car. First off we went and did a show in Spartanburg, SC and then stayed with our friend Melody. Then its down to my parents house in bumfuck nowhere. We spent a lot of that time sleeping for two days. Kortny finally got to meet my family and all is well because they didnt burn her at the stake. After that we headed down to Miami but wait.....before we get there....
As I was passing through some fucking podunk town called homestead (35 miles from the Okeefenokee Swamp) I got pulled over. Yeah I was speeding 75 in a 55 but anyways 2 more cop cars show up and now there is a total of 4 cops...all of this for speeding?!? Oh no come to find out my liscense was suspended? What in the hell for? Social Security Verification! If that isnt the biggest load of shit....the cop couldnt even tell me what the hell that meant. He had to call back up and still didnt know...anyways he tells me that Kortny will have to drive the 7 hours to Miami and the 11 hours back...and took my liscense. I told him that would be impossible for her to do that and the fact that he took my ID and how in the hell am I supposed to check into the hotel, drink, use my credit card or even prove who the hell I am...So we go to the city hall there....get this it is in a trailer park and it is a double wide...oh dear god. Now he tells me we have to drive 35 miles the opposite way to get me another liscense and they are about to close. FUCK!!! So we get there and I have no ID, no proof of address and no social security verification...but that doenst matter I tell the guy I need a new liscense and that I moved. So I got a new liscense without anything. Just a photocopy of my old one...I asked the guy about the verification and he said that he had just done it. What in the fucking hell?!? Is it that goddamned easy to steal somebody's identity?
Well down to South Beach where we hit up the bars, our stylish little hotel room, local industrial club and of course the clearest ocean waters.

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For a minute there it felt like I was reading a prelude to house of 1,000 corpses... lol. Scary! Glad everything worked out though and that you kids had a nice time! :)

if you got that feeling just from reading it you should have been there. And it all happened by the swamp too.

did my little thing work for Courtny?

sure as hell did >=)
She says thankyou!

Dude I so need to check my info they sent me a letter last year about it, I've been so busy it has slipped my mind. Though it may be a way to get the cops to arrest me, they won't handcuff me even if I ask nice

We got pulled over by a fat old redneck cop. I dont think that you would want him to handcuff you.

handcuffs... glad yall are doin well! :)
hope to see you at prom!

Bitch. You need to add me to your friends list for one. And two, you need to log into AIM or Yahoo or something sometime. >=| I miss talking to you rivetboy.

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