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Damn....its been a while
Well last night after work I finally did my first suspension. Every time I had tried to do it before something happened (show cancelled, not enough hooks, etc.). Some people said that was a bad fuck bad signs. After I got the hooks in one of them felt really strange and it wouldnt stop bleeding. Oh started to get colder and darker and by this time I was freezing my ass off. As we were rigging me up the one hook kept pulling too tight and wouldnt move too well. There was too much skin in it and it kept pinching it...well I had to do I did. It hurt like hell but my feet actually went up in the air finally. I will do this again. It was a rush and next time I am making sure that the hooks are thrown in right. Other than that things are great on the home front. Working like hell but enjoying the times inbetween...fuck Im about to be late to work.

::Mission Acomplished::

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Kortny took some but the film came out bad....I'll see if someone else took some.

nice to see you stranger.

OMG, an actual post! I wish I could have been there but I was too zombiefied to do anything. Glad you finally got to go up even if it wasn't perfect.

Yes, I posted for about the second time this year or something...It could have been much worse I suppose but at least I went up for a few.

I can't wait until Beth and I talk to Chris and go up....

You should, all the cool kids are doing it.

sweet beezus. glad you had fun.

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I'm adding you here too.

damn your good at finding me.

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