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About this New Years thing....
Well...I started feeling different before the new year began. I actually feel much better about myself. I feel as if I am accomplishing goals that I had set for myself.
> I have finally started to gain weight. I weigh about 147 now. Still a 28" inch waist too. Yeah!!! 21 lbs and nothing around the waist!
> I started to go jogging the other day but my knee is still hurting from a few months ago. So I walked halfway and jogged the other half. 30 minutes...not too bad for the first time since....well somewhere in school.
> Ive started going out a lot more over the past couple of months. I actually get out and dance too now. That probably helps to keep me in shape.
> My business is doing much better than before. I now do that and work part time at my other job and I manage to make more than enough to pay all my bills.
> I did have a rather large credit card debt. About $2,800 to one card, $800 and maybe around $660 to another. The larger one is down to $1,997 now! Hell yes! The other two are only down maybe $200-300. Still owe a shit load on my car that is about to die...but oh well hopefully I'll get it fixed soon.
> I live in a nice house with 2 excellent people. Couldnt ask for much there.

Overall I feel better about myself. I now dont have that sense of loss and confusion. I dont feel like a new person, I feel like me.

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totally awesome.


you deserve it, kiddo. ^_~

this is a good year for all of us, my friend =) Let's keep it going. I'm gonna hang with you sooner or later, i know it, damn job lol...

I'm happy for you. hehe =) Oh and maybe I'll start going out day.

I'm proud of you.

Im gonna hang with you too.. :D When... Jan. 29th was it? ;)

Hey girl... it's kitty (andrea) miss u!! xoxo


OOOH! Hey purty gurrrrly! Whats up? Im missin' you too!

Not a lot... about to start school again - ugh! I hope everything is going good w/you. :-)

Im starting school again soon too. BLEH. Ive had too long of a break... I dont wanna go back.

Yeah, I know what you mean! :( No fun!

I am really happy for ya boy... keep it up! :) Let me know about the kitties of the hairless kind too!!!

that stinky cat doesn't like me. i don't like it either. it's like holding and petting a warm sausage, except no happy ending occurs.

i think the hairless cat feels like velvet (it's the winter coat she's got). if you want, i'll give you some of my weight. as far as the credit cards, no credit is always better than good credit. i drive myself crazy if i cant buy something up front. that's why i'll live in an rv instead of a house.

Hey honey sorry i was way to drunk on my bday weekend to get your hair..
maybe next week or you could drop it to me by the salon or something ;)


I could have sworn that I gave it to you that night. Right around closing time or so.

what was it in ?? .. maybe i need to check the car and ask some people who rode with me.eeeekk..i hope i didnt lose it ..
i have no memory of you giving it to me..just telling me you brought it .

hey this is Candy. Just wanted to tell you to email me ASAP at because I have something exciting to tell you!!!

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